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LUCKNOW: An app-based taxi service company and finance company have been accused of scamming 759 taxi drivers for Rs 1.59 crore by promising ownership of cars assigned to them to carry passengers.
These taxi drivers had signed a contract with an online taxi service company two and a half years ago, stating that they would deposit Rs 790, Rs 815 and Rs 830 per day for 1,480 days and keep the property of their taxis. The FIR was filed by the chairman of the Lucknow Cab Driver Association, Gangabhakt, who was also duped. The drivers also had to pay a booking fee of Rs 4,000 and Rs 17,000 as a security deposit. Gangabhakt said that they paid the commission to the bank account of the taxi service company.
“On March 20 of last year, we were asked to park our cars in the yard after the lockdown was applied, but we did not recover the vehicles when the Covid curbs were relaxed. Company officials kept procrastinating over our request. These cars were then transferred to a parking lot in Siddhi Kheda in the town of Banthra, where the twin companies put these cars up for auction, ”he said. On July 23, taxi drivers learned that the auction process had started by keeping them in the dark. ADCP East Qasim Abidi said officials at the app-based taxi company and the finance company were arrested on charges of dishonesty, cheating and criminal breach of trust.