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There is a wide variety of employment opportunities in the financial industry, including commercial and investment banks, insurance providers, and mortgage businesses.

According to a new ranking of the top businesses to work for in America by Business Insider and PayScale, the most acceptable financial firms provide workers with fantastic perks, a significant income, high job satisfaction, and minimal stress.

From the 65 finest firms to work for, we’ve selected the best nine financial services organizations. Capital One and American Express are on the list and more specialized financial institutions like the United Services Automobile Association (USAA), which caters only to military families.

The following are some of the most significant financial companies to work for:

1. PaydayNow

The financial services and credit card giant Employees at PaydayNow headquarters may use paid family leave, health insurance, and an on-site gym and cafe. According to PayScale, 50% of its workers report being able to work from home, making it one of the most adaptable companies on our list.


For TIAA-CREF, whose name was recently shortened to “TIAA,” affirming its culture of inclusivity means sponsoring many employee resource organizations that assist everyone finds their place and providing networking opportunities, community involvement, and intercultural understanding. In addition to groups for women and young professionals, there are also groups for members of the LGBT community.

At TIAA, the ability to work from home is also an advantage. According to PayScale, more than 40% of workers at the financial and retirement services organization can work remotely when necessary.


A financial services firm that provides banking, investment, and insurance to military families, the United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is an excellent place to start. Work-life balance is emphasized by the corporation, which provides on-site exercise facilities and a wellness clinic at its headquarters in San Antonio.

4. Chubb

An estimated 31,000 employees are employed globally by Chubb Ltd. The new firm was created due to ACE Ltd. acquiring Chubb Corp. in early 2016. According to PayScale, 13% of Chubb workers in New Jersey thought their employees had low-stress levels before the merger.

5. Fannie Mae

Six regional offices of the government-sponsored mortgage-servicing business are located around the nation. The SERVE project allows workers to volunteer up to 10 hours every month. It gave 11,000 hours of service in 2015.

6. Life Insurance Company of New York

One of the biggest insurance companies in the world, New York Life, has a variety of initiatives in place to encourage a diverse workforce. For example, the corporation has a Women’s Initiative that aims to help its female workers, who make up 57 percent of the crew, achieve their full potential via professional development.

7. Primus International Inc.

Employees of the retirement services investment firm enjoy various benefits, such as no-meeting Fridays, multicultural festivals, and mentorship opportunities. In 2014, 3,700 workers logged approximately 25,000 hours of community service as part of the company’s volunteer program.

8. Fidelity National Information Services, Inc.

Employees at Fidelity National Financial, a financial conglomerate of major mortgage technology and title insurance firms, are split almost evenly between men and women, at 51 percent each. Fidelity National Financial According to PayScale, despite the high demands of the financial sector’s workforce, 25% of workers said they could work remotely, and 10% said their job was low stress.

9. One Financial Group, Inc.

Credit cards, mortgages, and other financial services are among the firm’s specialties. The company employs 45,000 people worldwide. There is a laid-back attitude at the Virginia headquarters of Capital One, where employees may use the company’s many amenities, including healthy living rewards and incentive programs.