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The NHF and CIPFA (Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy) have co-produced the Housing Association Finance guide covering the main financial issues of the housing association sector with regular updates from key experts.

What is the Housing Association Funding Guide?

The Housing Association Finance Guide is a comprehensive online reference resource on housing association financial management. It provides practical advice on all key aspects of housing management and finance functions including development finance, revenue, asset management, accounts, cash management, insurance, risk management and taxation.

The guide is authored, peer-reviewed and regularly updated by an editorial board made up of expert volunteer authors from the housing and finance sectors.

Housing Association Finance is published as part of CIPFA’s TIOnline service.

Who is the guide for?

Finance teams

This guide provides the most up-to-date information that will help housing associations ensure that their finance teams have a current and thorough understanding of financial management and governance issues.

For staff coming from outside the social housing sector, this guide will enable them to develop a solid understanding of financial issues specific to housing associations and to use the guide as a source of reference in their daily work.

Directors and non-financial executives

Housing Association Finance provides industry-relevant information written by experts in their field that allows councils to verify that the information they receive from their leaders aligns with the goals and mission of their organization.

The guide will help ensure that housing association boards develop and maintain their understanding of key financial issues crucial to strategic decision-making.

How to subscribe

Housing Association Finance is available by subscription, allowing access to your entire organization for the full exercise. Register your interest by registering on the CIPFA website.

Subscription fees


Fees 2022/23

Very small housing associations (


Small housing associations (500 to 1,000 units)


Medium housing associations (1,000 to 20,000 units)


Large housing associations (>20,000 units)


Commercial and private sector organizations