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A complaint against Sony Group was filed on August 19, 2022 with the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT). The complaint is brought on behalf of UK-based PlayStation users who have purchased digital games and/or add-on content from the PlayStation Store since August 19, 2016. The complaint is being funded by Woodsford, the UK’s leading ESG United Kingdom, access to justice and litigation funding activities.

Sony is alleged to be in breach of UK and EU competition law by abusing its dominant position, forcing consumers to pay inflated prices for digital PlayStation games and add-on content.

This stand-alone class action is being brought on behalf of approximately 9 million potential class members. A request has been filed with the CAT for a class action order which, if ordered, will result in a single class representative representing all potential class members on an opt-out basis.

The proposed class representative is Consumer Champion Alex Neill, managing director of Alex’s team, funded by Woodsford, includes law firm Milberg London LLP, economics experts from Berkeley Research Group LLC and lawyers from Monckton Chambers.

Woodsford CEO Steven Friel said:from Woodsford ESG crew is dedicated at holding big Company at Account when corporate mischief causes loss at consumers and other stakeholders. We are proud at Support alexander by Neill Case, portion deliver aaccess at Justice for millions of players. Our important financial and professional Resource is already support UK to classify Shares versus yourain companies accused of overload, and shippers whose cartel behaviour is alleged at have swollen the the price of cars. With the launch of this claim versus sony, and with After landmark case being work at the top, Woodsford is now clearly established as the more successful ESG and dispute finance Company in this Region of UK collective to sort out.”

Further information on the claim and updates on its progress can be found at

About Woodsford

Founded in 2010 and with operations in London, New York, Brisbane, Philadelphia and Minneapolis, Woodsford is a leading ESG, access to justice and litigation finance firm.

Whether it’s helping consumers seek class action, ensuring investors and universities are properly compensated when Big Tech infringes on intellectual property rights, or helping shareholders engage collaboratively and stepped up to and including litigation with listed companies, Woodsford is committed to ensuring the highest ESG standards while ensuring access to justice.

Working globally with many of the world’s leading law firms, our legal experience, investments, commercial and technical expertise, combined with our significant financial muscle, make us a powerful partner and formidable adversary. .

Woodsford is a founding member of the International Legal Finance Association (ILFA) and the Association of Litigation Funders of England & Wales (ALF), and a member of the International Corporate Governance Network.

Woodsford continues to grow and we welcome approaches from experienced litigators and other professionals who wish to join our team.

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