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Liti Capital SA, the Switzerland-based litigation funding provider disrupting private equity investment with blockchain technology, launches Scambusters (, a revolutionary new tool that allows users to vote on which crypto-focused cases the company should pursue next.

Fraud within cryptocurrency and blockchain is rampant. This year will be a record high for investment fraud: 14,079 investment scams were reported to the FTC in the first quarter of 2021, and victims lost $215 million in that quarter alone. Liti Capital brings its expertise in selecting, funding and winning legal cases and invites consumers to vote on which scams it should pursue in court.

“The idea that scammers can operate freely in the crypto sphere without facing the consequences of their actions needs to stop to bring trust and change the perception that blockchain and crypto projects have in our society,” says Andy Christen, CVO/COO at Liti Capital.

Liti Capital is committed to allocating between 5% and 10% of its annual investment budget to fund cases that have affected members of its community. Any LITI or wLITI token holder can report suspected fraud to the company.

Scambusters is a community voting event to select crypto scam cases to be prosecuted by Liti Capital. LITI and wLITI token holders can use their tokens without spending them to vote for the case(s) they believe has the most merit. The more tokens they have, the more voting power they can wield. The voters of the winning case will share a prize up to 250,000 wLITI, distributed in proportion to their votes.

After community members submit cases on the Scambusters website, Liti Capital asks its team of legal experts based in 140 countries around the world to explore the details of the case.

A selection of cases is then presented to community members, with the case receiving the most votes being added to Liti Capital’s portfolio. Community voting begins September 23, 2021 and the winning case is announced October 15, 2021.

“If cryptocurrency is going to become the de facto way people participate in the Web3 world, trust, regulation and a robust legal system are all part of that puzzle,” says Jonas Rey, CEO of Liti Capital.

About Liti Capital

Liti Capital brings the litigation asset class to everyone through Blockchain technology with LITI Tokens, an equity token which is a share of Liti Capital SA shares. The launch of the LITI and wLITI tokens allows any investor to engage in the successful litigation funding market previously reserved for elite investors.

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