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The company will operate in a range of areas, including new construction warranty insurance, conversion warranties, latent commercial defects, retrospective and receivership warranties, and social housing and auto warranties. -construction.

It will also manage bridging loans, development finance, rental portfolio loans and financing of retirement and care homes.

Bristow will serve as the company’s managing director, with Leadsom and Mole working as directors. The trio previously held key positions at insurance solutions and risk management services provider London Belgravia Group.

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“Every development site is different and therefore requires different types of funding and different insurance solutions, but all too often they are treated the same,” said Bristow. “Our goal is to look at each project on an individual basis, finding financing and insurance solutions for each site on its own merits, rather than going to the same vendor every time. With this, we can help developers maximize a site’s potential by putting in the right funding, and then protecting it by putting in place the right collateral.

The trio have over 20 years of experience in the insurance and finance markets and over the years they have said they have seen firsthand “how these two disciplines, which should interconnect, are rather fragmented. and disconnected ”, causing delays in both. find coverage and funding.

“We pride ourselves on our level of understanding, not only of the developer’s current agenda, but also of the larger pipeline of projects and goals for their business,” Mole said. “By combining this intelligence with our previous experience and our knowledge of both the performance and willingness to lend of different lenders, we can offer the most suitable and appropriate structured finance solutions. “

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“All of our initial conversations with the developers have been very positive,” added Leadsom. “We look forward to supporting and enabling regional developers, SMEs and real estate professionals across the country to make better decisions faster. “