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The financial intermediary company ABL Business has opened an office in the North East as part of its expansion plan.

The company, headquartered in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, has opened the Durham office to strengthen its presence in Scotland, the North West and the South West.

He says openness means he’s on track to realize his vision of being a nationally recognized financial intermediary, with five regional bases, by 2022.

The North East site will be managed by Jonathan Barber, who brings 30 years of commercial experience, as well as experience in helping organizations grow in the North of England through access to financial products. specialized.

Andy Redman, co-CEO and co-founder of ABL Business, said: “The brand’s rise to national prominence will further support the team by providing exemplary advice to businesses at local and regional levels, using our deep understanding and insight into the UK commercial finance landscape.

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“Local knowledge is crucial when it comes to building strong partnerships. When combined, our national training program, knowledge sharing and market wide access from a donor perspective make ABL the financial intermediary of choice.

Jonathan Barber, Regional Managing Director of the North East Office, said: “ABL is fast becoming notable in the UK financial sector. As such, I am delighted to join the team to develop additional partnerships in the region and to work closely with companies and their advisors – and to bring the lessons learned here to the entire team, which can then be applied in a country. wide base.

“With my particular expertise in VAT and tax financing – alongside the specializations of my experienced colleagues in other key areas – I want to start helping businesses in the North East reach their potential. “

ABL claims to have helped more than 6,000 organizations realize their growth potential since its inception in 2013.