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The executives of a major finance company have found an ingenious way to beat today’s fierce competition for talent, Page Six has learned: get celebrities to hire instead of them.

We’re told Liquidity Group, a billion-dollar fund, has splashed the cash on celebrity messaging site Cameo, securing a host of stars to encourage the company’s favorite candidates to take a job there. use.

In a video“Newman” from “Seinfeld,” Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, “Vito” from “The Sopranos” and “Tiger King’s” Carole Baskin all — addressing the potential hire by their first names and calling them out, for example, the “top due diligence analyst” in their hometown – implore them to join the firm.

Another one custom clip features Kevin from “The Office”, Stewy from “Succession” and Kermit the Frog.

Apparently, the links appear as a surprise in the prodigies’ inbox.

Given that Baskin’s Cameo posts start at $250, Brian Baumgartner (aka “Kevin”) at $195, Wayne Knight (aka “Newman”) at $330, and Google founder Wozniak at $600, that’s a lot. more expensive than a letter of offer from the Human Resources Departments.

Wayne Knight appears as "new man" on "Seinfield."
Knight played Jerry Seinfeld’s famous nemesis in “Seinfeld.”
NBCUniversal via Getty Images

But an industry insider tells us it’s a tough market right now for quality hires, fueled in part by the work-from-home culture that allows companies to seek talent further afield and that allows all kinds of packages.

“People are looking for more than just a good salary,” they said, “They’re also looking for who will let them work from home indefinitely and a range of other new benefits.”

Carole Baskin wears a tiger print dress during her ABC appearance "Dancing with the stars."
Baskin became a surprise star after the release of Netflix’s hit documentary, “Tiger King.”
ABC via Getty Images

It looks like Liquidity is hoping the celebrity program will give them a competitive edge.