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A branch manager of a Kerala-based financial company, its deputy branch manager, a senior executive and four other people, including two women, were accused of cheating on the company for Rs 1.65 crore between July 22 and August 14 of this year. Manappuram Finance Regional Director Naresh Lingampeth filed a complaint with the Basaveshwara Nagar Police have taken up a case of cheating and criminal breach of trust against seven defendants and are continuing their investigation.

In his police complaint, Lingampeth said he, the regional manager, looks after around 60 branches of his company in Bangalore and neighboring neighborhoods. There is only one zone manager for 10 branches.

The area manager who takes care of one of the company’s branches in Manjunathanagar noted discrepancies in their accounts. Although no cases were shown, large amounts were misappropriated.

An audit was carried out and the branch conducted an internal investigation in which it discovered that the branch manager Veeranna (25) and the deputy branch manager Naveen S (24) had colluded with an employee Sandeep J (30) and with family members and associates of Sandeep to dupe the finance company on two occasions.

Sandeep introduced a Ramesh as his uncle, and one of his Girish friends, and his uncle’s wife Sangeeta and his own mother Bhagya, who came to the office on July 27 and told CFOs that Ramesh had nearly three kg of gold he would like to pledge and before that he asked if the company could authorize some loans. Based on their request, loans were sanctioned to the tune of nearly 73 lakh for which no collateral, bond, gold or land document was collected by the company. Later, the gold ornaments were pledged and Rs 88 lakh were withdrawn from the business. During the audit, it was found that the gold that had already been pledged with the finance company had been pledged again, this time with fake gold jewelry as well, an officer said. from police. Bangalore mirror.

After the internal audit and investigation was completed, Lingampeth filed a complaint with the Basaveshwara Nagar Police Station which reserved Veeranna as the main defendant, Naveen S, Sandeep J, Ramesh, Girish, Sangeeta and Bhagya as co-defendants. Other investigations are in progress.