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Delta Capital Partners Management LLC, a global private equity firm specializing in litigation and legal finance, is pleased to announce the hiring of a new senior executive and promotions within the company. Todd Schneider joined Delta as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer; and Gabriel Olearnik and Daniel Bond were promoted to director of investor relations and director of underwriting, respectively.

Todd Schneider hired as CFO and CCO.

Mr. Schneider will oversee the implementation and management of all of Delta’s financial activities and will also work closely with senior management and Delta’s Investment Committee. Mr. Schneider was Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of Shorehill Capital LLC, a private equity firm focused on investing in middle-market industrial products, industrial services and distribution businesses. Mr. Schneider also served as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of CHS Capital LLC, a precursor to Shorehill Capital. Throughout their history, CHS Capital and Shorehill Capital have invested in over 400 companies and invested over $3 billion in capital. Prior to CHS Capital, Mr. Schneider was the Chief Financial Officer of Conversus Asset Management, the asset manager of Conversus Capital LP, formerly the world’s largest publicly listed private equity fund of funds designed to provide liquidity to investors in a historically illiquid asset class. Mr. Schneider also served as Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer of FBOP Corporation, as well as a senior executive at KPMG, where Mr. Schneider began his professional career.

Christopher DeLise, Founder, CEO and CO-CIO of Delta, said, “Delta is thrilled to have Todd join our team as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer. Todd’s extensive experience as a senior financial professional and organizational leader, his knowledge of various asset classes and his in-depth knowledge of all aspects of operating, financing and successfully scaling Private equity will enable Delta to continue its remarkable growth and position the company to be a funder of choice for sophisticated applicants and respondents around the world. »

Gabriel Oleanrik promoted to Managing Director and Director of Investor Relations.

Mr. Olearnik is currently the Managing Director overseeing the creation of international agreements, operations and strategic alliances and ventures for Delta. Going forward, Mr. Olearnik will also serve as Director of Investor Relations, where he will be responsible for overseeing global investor relations for Delta. Prior to joining Delta, Mr. Olearnik was Legal Director of a leading private equity firm in London and Partner and Chair of the Private Equity Practice Group at Kochanski & Partners, a leading independent European law firm. Prior to these roles, Mr. Olearnik was a corporate finance lawyer with Clifford Chance, Mayer Brown and Dentons.

DeLise noted, “Gabriel has done a terrific job representing Delta as a litigation funder throughout Europe. Gabriel’s experience with Delta and his many successes since joining the company, his previous experience as general counsel for a private equity firm, and his intimate knowledge and familiarity with all legal and operational facets of private equity funds, make him the ideal choice to serve as Delta’s Director of Investor Relations. In this role, Gabriel will significantly contribute to the company’s growth plans by expanding and enhancing Delta’s relationships with its existing investors.

Daniel Bond promoted to Managing Director and Chief Underwriting Officer.

Mr. Bond is currently Managing Director of Delta, where he oversees the intake, evaluation, due diligence and follow-up efforts in relation to new equity investment opportunities. Going forward, Mr. Bond will also serve as Chief Underwriting Officer, where he will be responsible for overseeing all facets of litigation and arbitration underwriting for Delta across all of its product and service offerings in the world, including equity and credit solutions for plaintiffs and defendants. Prior to joining Delta, Mr. Bond was a partner at Kirkland Ellis and had a career spanning over 10 years at a law firm with experience conducting, managing and planning commercial litigation and conflict resolution. Mr. Bond’s experience encompasses a range of complex intellectual property and civil litigation matters and he has successfully litigated numerous high-profile lawsuits for high-profile clients in a variety of areas.

DeLise remarked, “Daniel’s tremendous success managing litigation and arbitration underwriting for Delta’s equity-focused investments makes him the ideal choice to fill the role of Global Head of Underwriting. for all of Delta’s product and service offerings as Delta continues to expand its platform to include litigation funding solutions. for defendants, municipalities and governments; managed solutions for businesses; and credit-based products. With these new offerings all going live in the coming weeks and with Daniel leading our underwriting process, Delta expects to be able to significantly increase transaction capacity while reducing processing time.

About Delta

Delta Capital Partners Management LLC is a global private equity firm specializing in litigation and legal financing, judgment enforcement, asset recovery and related strategies. Delta provides capital and related services to individuals, corporations, private equity funds, law firms and other professional services firms around the world seeking to hedge their financial exposure, reduce legal expenses, improve the likelihood of successful and timely resolution of claims, and maximize the efficiency of their core business.

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