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California Treasurer Fiona Ma’s office has gone virtual with the California Debt Financing Guide, making it easier for public finance professionals to find the information they need.

Ma on Wednesday announced the release of a new interactive software version of the guide, which until now has only been available as a static PDF document. It is available at

“The new interactive app meets the needs of today’s financial officers, many of whom need quick answers to complex questions,” Ma said.

California Treasurer Fiona Ma unveils a computer application that makes CDIAC’s public finance guide more user-friendly.


California has more than 4,400 government units that tap into the municipal market to finance projects and consult the guide for answers to questions about how to issue bonds.

The app was developed by the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC), chaired by Treasurer Ma. CDIAC provides educational resources for public finance professionals in California.

Robert Berry, executive director of the CDIAC, told the bond buyer when he was appointed head of the commission earlier this year that this project was on his short list of goals.

“This version of Debt Guide allows users to easily research public finance terms and concepts, then save their personal notes and bookmarks for future use,” Berry said in a statement.

The Debt Guide is the 2020 update to CDIAC’s flagship resource, the California Debt Issuance Primer.

As designed, the app allows users to create an account to highlight sections, save notes, and bookmark sections for future use. Additionally, the app can be accessed and viewed on any personal device. The application also has an appendix of legal references.

“One of the most important aspects of the Debt Guide app is that it is accessible on any device, a shortcut to the app can be saved on the home screen of your phone, tablet or computer and easily accessible when needed,” Berry mentioned.