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Less than two years after launching the company and its first investment fund, Apex Litigation Finance began marketing its second fund. The company is seeking commitments from investors wishing to add an alternative asset class investment to their portfolio.

The UK-based funder is looking to raise £ 50million to continue to focus on investing in small and mid-sized claims. The firm specializes in supporting access to justice for claimants who cannot afford to pursue their claim or who fear the financial risk if they lose their case.

Commenting on the fund launch, CEO Maurice Power said: “We initially launched a relatively small fund to allow Apex to quickly demonstrate the desirability of investing in small and medium sized claims. Since inception we have successfully invested fund capital in a high volume of cases, with claims ranging from £ 30,000 to £ 40million +.

“With our focus on high volume / low value, the innovative use of predictive analytics technology and supporting financing solutions, we have established Apex as a funder of choice. With funding requests increasing at an ever increasing rate and the pipeline of meritorious cases almost exceeding the limit of the first fund, now is the perfect time to launch our second fund.

Apex says litigation finance investments are an attractive alternative asset class because they are decorrelated from equity or fixed income investments. Investors wishing to explore the available opportunity are encouraged to contact Apex at enquIrIes @ apexlItIgatIomFImamvse.vsom.

About Apex Litigation Funding:

Apex Litigation Finance Limited is a company that brings together experienced individuals from the litigation finance, law and finance industries to provide third party litigation financing to litigants (businesses, liquidators and individuals) who are unable to pursue a claim because of the prohibitive cost of litigation.

Although the litigant’s case may have merits, the uncertainty of the total costs and the potential risk of being ordered to pay the costs of the defendant, if he loses the case, prohibits access to justice for many. applicants.

After an assessment of the merits of the litigant’s case, through the use of artificial intelligence (software that uses predictive analytics to determine the likely outcome, length and value of settling the case) , legal and business expertise, Apex will incur funds to pay legal fees and other costs associated with the case in return for an agreed share of any reward in the event of a successful conclusion. If there is no recovery, or if the case is lost, there is no debt for the litigant to repay.

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