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AmTrust Europe Limited, an insurance arm of AmTrust International, today announced the launch of a fixed ‘post-event’ limit (fl.ATE) Insurance product for commercial and civil claims of lesser value.

The new product was created in response to a perception that ATE insurance – which is used by individuals, businesses and insolvency practitioners to cover their legal costs in the event of a failed claim – n is only available for high value disputes.

AmTrust now makes commercial ATE insurance available for cases where quantum and cost are more closely aligned – helping to address the problem caused by a lack of proportionality and supporting access to justice by providing an ATE insurance solution for lower quantum claims today, while considering the future future regime of recoverable fixed costs.

“When discussing a potential new case with litigants, the focus is naturally on the prospect of success. From an underwriting perspective, this is a key consideration, but the first questions will always be about case economics. Are the costs of pursuing the case until the worst case, going to trial, proportional to the realistic quantum? said James Jobling, Head of Legal Fee Development at AmTrust International.

“fl.ATE Insurance meets this challenge with an innovative proportionality underwriting approach and preferential pricing, increasing the potential for claimants to be able to obtain post-event insurance for lower value claims.

The policy is available for civil and commercial disputes and offers fixed cap compensation options up to £300,000. There is no obligation for a law firm or lawyer to act on a contingency fee agreement. The premium is based on two stages and depends on the success of the claim.

About AmTrust

AmTrust International, the UK and international arm of AmTrust Financial Services, Inc., a New York-based multinational insurance holding company, offers specialist property and casualty insurance products, including workers’ compensation, homeowners (BOP), general liability, and extended service and warranty coverage. For more information about AmTrust, visit

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